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Campus tours are one of the best ways to experience Conestoga. Our students and staff are available to guide you on tours designed to show you everything that Conestoga has to offer.  You will explore a variety of classrooms and lab spaces, and you will see the full range of student services available to you. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about all of our programs and services.

Campus Details

Please note that not all of our programs are offered at all of our campus locations as each of our locations specialize in specific program offerings. To learn what campus offers the program you are interested in; please refer to the list of programs and their corresponding campuses..

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Doon, Cambridge, and Waterloo Campus Tours

We offer weekly scheduled tours at the Doon, Cambridge, and Waterloo campuses. Please select the campus that best suits your needs to begin the process of booking your tour date and time.


Our Doon campus is Conestoga's original (and largest) campus. Located just off the 401 at the Homer Watson interchange, Doon houses Conestoga's administrative buildings, the athletic centre and is home to a variety of programs including: the Woodworking Centre of Ontario, Early Childhood Education, the School of Business, School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services, the School of Language and Communication Studies, the School of Liberal Studies and the School of Media and Design. 

The Doon campus also houses a variety of student services including the Learning Commons, Student Life, Accessibility Services, Counselling Services, Aboriginal Services and Co-op and Career Services.


Our Cambridge campus is home to the School of Engineering and IT and the Craig Richardson Institute of Food Processing Technology. Located, directly across the 401 from the Doon campus, the Cambridge building houses large, bright robotics labs, architecture studios, and a large, state-of-the-art welding shop.


Waterloo is home to a variety of construction trades along with our culinary programs and the student-run restaurant bloom. The campus also houses the Roofing Skills Training Centre, the Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (HRAC) Training Centre and the Masonry Centre.

Conestoga's Other Campuses

If you are interested in a tour or learning more about the programs offered at the following campuses, please connect with the appropriate contact below.

Waterloo Campus Tours

For Construction Trade program tours (or group tours) on days other than the scheduled tours, please contact

For more information on our Hospitality or Culinary programs, please contact Jan Stroh -

Guelph Campus Tours

Our Guelph campus specializes in motive power trades including automotive, truck and coach, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles and motorcycles. For information on Guelph programs or to book a tour of the Guelph campus, please contact

Brantford Campus Tours

For information on Brantford programs, please contact Susan McLachlan -

Ingersoll Campus Tours

Please note: there is a spring information session which includes a full orientation of the program and facility for applicants in the Powerline Technician program who meet minimum academic requirements.

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